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Get your financing faster and more efficiently!

hypcloud offers you the proven combination of intuitive software, in-house financing expertise and strong lender network with over NUMBER_OF_LENDERS financing partners.

Intuitive platform for your matching financing solution

The digital all-in-one platform for commercial real estate financing offers project developers and investors access to suitable lenders and vice versa.

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Through a web-based software application, the entire financing process is supported in a user-friendly way. Lenders gain access to pre-screened projects.

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In doing so, hypcloud combines software-supported services with the consulting and comprehensive structuring experience of its financing experts - from the initial contact to the closing of a transaction and beyond.

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With a network of over NUMBER_OF_LENDERS lenders, hypcloud covers senior financing as well as mezzanine, bridge, wholeloan and equity financing for all common real estate uses.

Why hypcloud: redesign real estate financing

Digitize manual workflows, effectively accelerate processes, and get trusted support for your project from our in-house financing experts.

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Germany-wide network

We offer you access to a network of over NUMBER_OF_LENDERS lenders - nationwide and for all common property types.

You save time

With us, you receive a selection of suitable lenders and approach them in parallel without additional effort.
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Automatic processes

In commercial real estate financing today, serial and manual processes still often take place. We revolutionize that!

You save money:

Optimize your financing structure with mezzanine and senior from a single source.

How it all began...

Learn more about hypclouds biggest milestones and how our platform found its current form.


Our unique combination of network, software and expertise proved to be even more relevant this year.


All-in-one platform - entire financing structure from a single source.



Building the team of financing experts



Go live and successfully broker the first financings



Participation in the Y Combinator program in Silicon Valley as the first German startup



Founded in Berlin and started developing the platform

Unser Team
Building a company we like to work for
We are an international team and together we are building the company we always wanted to work for. At hypcloud, everyone has the opportunity to get involved in a variety of ways and try out new things - whether in our offices in the heart of Berlin or remotely from another location.

With a high degree of flexibility and creativity, we do what we do best for our clients: Financing the Spaces of the Future!

In house software development

Another advantage hypcloud offers is its own software development team. Our tech expertise enables us to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the market and our customers wishes. All with the aim of offering our customers financing solutions that really help them get ahead. Try it out for yourself - and experience how quickly and intuitively you can create a project on our platform and receive the right financing: to sign up on the platform

You are a developer and want to work with us.

Together we can do more!

Have we aroused your interest? Would you like to become a hypcloud partner? Or would you like to finance a project with us? Then make a free appointment today to get to know us.

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